Hardwood Exports

Saw Logs

Saw logs from Firth are carefully graded as 1SC, 2SC, 3SC, or 4SC, ready to be used for hardwood furniture, doors, cabinets, flooring, cabinetry, tables, molding, trim, and baseball bats.

Hardwood Lumber

We prepare quality hardwood lumber for export in all traditional NHLA grades from 1 common up to FAS—stickered, wax coated, and metal banded for international shipping.

Veneer Logs

The exceptional timber in northern Pennsylvania and southern New York produces great veneer quality logs. We offer 3sc (rotary grade) and 4sc (slicer grade) veneer logs for international export.

Hardwood Exporters

High Quality Logs and Lumber

Firth offers high-quality logs and lumber from the Allegheny Forest of Pennsylvania and the Allegany region of New York.

Large Inventory

Our unparalleled access to northern PA and southern NY timber allows us to provide more quality logs and lumber than our competitors.

Export Efficiency

Firth maintains appropriate equipment and personnel for container loading, truck scheduling, and shipment bookings. With Firth as your supplier, you have a partner experienced in the logistics of international exports.

In business for nearly 50 years, Firth Maple Products has developed several areas of expertise. In addition to being one of the largest syrup producers in Pennsylvania, we also offer forest management for landowners interested in careful, sustainable forestry. Our sawmill facilities produce some of the highest quality hardwood lumber in the state. We source our timber from the Allegheny Forest region of northern Pennsylvania and the Allegany region of southern New York.

Firth’s 45 years of experience with log and lumber sales can work for you.

Firth Hardwood Exports

Over our 45+ years in the business we have exported logs and lumber to China, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Korea.  We also offer exports to Mexico, India, and Spain.