About Firth Maple Products

Firth is one of the largest exporters of American hardwood logs and lumber, supplying North America, Asia, and Europe with high-end sawlogs, veneer logs, and lumber.

About Firth Maple Products

In 1971 Troy Firth expanded his maple syrup production from what had been a farm hobby into a commercial operation. Over the years, in following with his love of forests, Troy also worked as a Forester, Logger and Sawmill Manager. Now in business for almost 50 years, Firth Maple Products has developed several areas of expertise. In addition to being one of the largest syrup producers in Pennsylvania, we also offer forest management for landowners interested in careful, sustainable forestry. Our sawmill facilities produce some of the highest quality hardwood lumber in the state. We source our timber from the Allegheny Forest region of northern Pennsylvania and the Allegany region of southern New York. These forests fuel our large export log business. We offer export-quality veneer and sawlogs to buyers from a number of different markets.

The Firth roots run deep in the northern Pennsylvania forests. That’s why you’ll find our log yard at 22418 Firth Road, just outside of Spartansburg. To schedule a log sale, or talk with us about your needs please stop by or contact us by phone or email. Thank you!

Firth’s 45 years of experience with log and lumber sales can work for you.

Firth Hardwood Exports

Over our 45+ years in the business we have exported American hardwood logs to China, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Korea.  We also offer log exports to Mexico, India, and Spain.