Firth is one of the largest exporters of Hard Maple logs and lumber, supplying North America, Asia, and Europe with high-end sawlogs, veneer logs, and lumber.

about the species

Acer saccharum

Hard maple, or sugar maple, is the trade name for the species Acer saccharum. Hard maple is a northern hardwood species, found throughout the northeast region of the United States and much of southern Canada.

hard maple tree

The Hard Maple Tree

Hard maple trees produce a sweet sap that is used to make maple syrup, due to the cultural importance of this species the hard maple leaf and tree have become symbols of our region. The quality of hard maple timber is highest in the Great Lakes States including New York and Pennsylvania, where our logs originate. On the best growing sites hard maple wood has a smaller amount of heartwood and is less prone to defects such as ingrown bark.

Hard Maple Wood

Because it is hard, dense and white hard maple lumber is used in a variety of unique applications. These include flooring such as gymnasium floors and bowling alley floors, baseball bats and skateboard decks.

hard maple bowl

Hard Maple Sawlogs

Hard maple sawlogs are commonly used for flooring, cabinetry, tables, molding and trim.

hard maple sawlogs

Sawlog Grades

1sc Sawlogs

One side clear are logs which have a significant amount of defect but are structurally sound.

2sc Sawlogs

Two sides clear logs have defects on two sides but offer a significant amount of clear wood.

3sc Sawlogs

Three sides clear produce a high proportion of clear lumber with only minimal defect.

4sc Sawlogs

Four sides clear are typically such high quality that they were considered for veneer or baseball bat logs but ultimately rejected due to a small defect.

Hard maple sawlogs such as the grades described above are commonly purchased by flooring mills.

hard maple baseball bat logs
hard maple baseball bat logs

Baseball Bat Hard Maple Logs

Hard maple logs for baseball production require a small heart and large proportion of white wood. These logs must be straight, have very little defect in the wood and offer steady growth rings. This makes for consistent quality, so that baseball players can expect the same results from their bat time after time. Only a select portion of our hard maple logs are considered for baseball bat sales.

Skateboard Hard Maple Logs

We can provide skateboard grade hard maple logs upon request. These logs are similar in quality to a high end sawlog. They are typically exported for use in building the wooden deck of skateboards. Hard maple is the preferred species due to its durability and strength.

Hard Maple Veneer Logs

Hard Maple Veneer Logs

Because of the region where we source our timber, northern Pennsylvania and southern New York State, we are able to offer very high-quality hard maple veneer logs for export.

hard maple veneer
hard maple veneer
roofed building with veneer logs
veneer logs at Firth

Grades for Hard Maple Veneer Logs

Hard Maple veneer logs come in several different grades, based on heart size, interior wood quality and consistency. We offer both 3sc (three sides clear) and 4sc (four sides clear) veneer logs.

Hard Maple Lumber

For export markets we sell green lumber and hard maple cants which are typically used in flooring manufacturing. Our export hard maple lumber is green stuck, separated with lathe stickers so that it does not stain during the shipping process. The lumber is available in a variety of thicknesses and in all traditional NHLA lumber grades. Export lumber is wax coated and metal banded prior to being shipped. For hard maple cants we offer a variety of dimensions, including large sizes such as nine inch and larger.

hard maple cants

Firth’s 45 years of experience with log and lumber sales can work for you.

Firth Exports Hard Maple

Firth is one of the largest exporters of Hard Maple logs and lumber, supplying North America, Asia, and Europe with high-end sawlogs, veneer logs, and lumber.